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Medical and Health Supplies Dedication Program Pictures
Summer 2008-2009
Guests arrive


Distinguished guests


Ribbon cutting


Student assembly


The principal speaks


Powerful messages


Medical supplies


Grand procession


Medical supplies


Ready for delivery


149 medical and health care kits


Kits for schools


Guests arrive


Maganurpatti students


Feminine product dispensers


Assembly begins


Honoring a guest


Thanking Vasanth


Product demonstration


Moms assemble


Product demonstration


Instructions for principals


Congratulating students


Mission accomplished


These projects were made possible by generous contributions from the Mt. Pleasant Lunch Rotary Club, the East Cooper Breakfast Rotary Club, the North Charleston Lunch Rotary Club, the North Charleston Breakfast Rotary Club, the Daniel Island Breakfast Rotary Club, the Tirupattur Rotary Club, and The Rotary Foundation.

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