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Vasanth Kuppuswamy, CEO
Vasanth started teaching English in the village schools of Maganurpatti, Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu when he was in the 6th grade. Three years later, he began equipping and refurbishing the two schools. This work has continued for the last ten years. The high school now boasts a new eight-classroom building, science labs, a library, a computer lab, a water purification system, and four additional acres for future school expansion.

Bill Smyth, CFO
Bill got involved with this project ten years ago when he invited Vasanth to speak at the School of the Arts, the school where he taught and served as the Curriculum Coordinator. He has worked alongside Vasanth in many capacities, traveling to India during the summer of 2007 to oversee the installation of the water system and the creation of the school library.


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S. Varadarajulu, Project Manager

Varadarajulu has served as the project's accountant and oversees the daily administration of all projects that TNISF undertakes. The board of directors relies upon his expertise as a former school principal.

K. Kannan, Project Coordinator

Kannan, the former president of Maganurpatti, has been assisting TNISF in various capacities through the years. He has been especially helpful coordinating major projects with government officials in Tamil Nadu.

V. Vijayakumar, School Principal

Vijayakumar works with the school teachers, students, and PTA to prioritize critical needs of the school. He keeps the TNISF board informed about the progress of all school projects.

V. Arun Kumar, Project Engineer

Arun joined the project in the summer of 2007, bringing the water system to Maganurpatti and installing it.  He helped Vasanth and Bill complete the school library project.  Arun's knowledge of the school and its needs is invaluable.

Masi Sundara, Project Assistant
Masi, an eighth grader at Buist Academy, joined TNISF this fall as a project assistant. He has been volunteering as an English teacher in Tamil Nadu and establishing libraries there.

Frank Flanigan, Academic Magnet High School Teacher

Kevin Kelly, Christ Our King-Stella Maris School Teacher

Eva Stratos, Belle Hall Elementary School Teacher

Mark Teseniar, School of the Arts Teacher



TNISF is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization